What are Mink Lashes?

Mink fur strip lashes have distinct advantages over other types of false eyelashes and with their featherweight appearance, they are very easy to wear. Our lashes have a natural look simply because they ARE natural and hand-crafted from the finest, naturally black 100% mink hairs. The band on our lashes is thicker for more durability and the thickness and curl of our mink lashes provides you with a natural and more appealing look. None of our lashes are processed and do not have any harsh chemicals or dyes they may be found on synthetic lashes. I'm Royalty Lashes are not only beautiful in appearance, but they are also safe to use. 

I'm Royalty Lashes are beautifully hand-crafted human hair lashes. Our handmade lashes offers you a full and lasting look that will accentuate your facial features and can be worn 15 times or more if properly maintained. With the life cycle of natural eyelashes being typically six to eight weeks, we suggest light lash maintenance every three to four weeks to keep your mink lashes looking full and natural.

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